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You might be a Redneck if …

July 30, 2012

“You might be a Redneck if you require a ground wire for your bath tub!”  That’s the message a friend left on my answering machine last Friday.  Since I didn’t answer the phone – it was a good bet that I was in the pool or in the outside tub.   Since a storm was possible – he called to see if I’d been struck by lightening yet.  Aren’t friends grand?  At least it wasn’t another Cealis joke.   Sheeesh!!!!!!!!!!

   Yep! I got an outdoor tub.  And it’s wonderful.  It’s an old cast iron claw foot tub and if you fill it in the morning before work – it’s a perfect temperature by the time you get home in the afternoon.  On weekends, you can alternate between the pool, hammock, or tub. The advantage of the tub is that you can nap without drowning.  Unless you’re really short.

 Of course, you can nap in the hammock without drowning usually too. But there’s always some freak thing that can happen of course. sexy feet

I think the Weekly World News reported a hammock drowning in 1998 – but it may have involved a Yeti. And Al Gore.  The Whitehouse covered up most of the details for obvious reasons. They get all bi-partisan when a drowning, Yeti, and hammock are involved with a VP.  I totally get it.


oh, yeah – here’s one of the pool towels I got on the same day as the Gummy D (see earlier post).

  Don’t you just love it?

And what back yard is complete without a pool for the kiddies?  & no – it’s not Peaches fault this time! Since her January baptism – she doesn’t have the slightest desire to get wet.  Also, she thinks the water is too dirty for even her!  

Note that the water was clear only moments earlier.  

I like to think that my backyard is like the Valhermoso Springs Riveria. And who would argue?   So bring $ and you can have the full day spa experience.   You can even get a cat scan if the kitty isn’t too scared to come out.    You can frolick in the Natural Mineral Water pool (featured  above with Benjie – our brilliant aquatic engineer) or in the regular pool.   Ben likes to run his boat in the “Bullion Regatta”.   I think you will too.