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Poor Amy

September 25, 2012

Every now and then I get the opportunity to help co-workers celebrate a milestone in their career with the company. I get to photoshop their head into fun photos of interesting situations & we all gather together and bond while laughing at the photos. 

 This month it’s Amy’s turn.  She’s worked here for 15 years.  She seemed  afraid of what I might do after seeing Poor Amanda’s video last month. I don’t know why.  Poor Amy. 

Amy likes to read so  I decided to make her an author in the “Hot Engineering Romance” genre.   As far as I know – this is groundbreaking stuff here.   Shown are a few of the book covers of her bestsellers. She should be proud.  I think these might actually sell.  I think a calendar of these covers would be a hot item too. Note that Marvin Loctite always wears a pocket protector. Always!  Torque Magnetson, the Norse Viking Programmer (first book in the series was “Norse Code”)  doesn’t care what he wears besides his ink.


What’s up with that???? Cattle Smoking???!!!

September 25, 2012

Does it get any stranger than this? I was looking at the bag of kitty treats this morning & realized that it features a cat riding a cow. The cow is evidently smoking. And smoking about eight cigarettes at the same time.  I guess if you’re a cow, all those anti-smoking PSAs aren’t that effective. Especially if a cat wants to eat you.   But cows smoking is a good marketing ploy if there’s ever been one. Am I right?  So rush on down to the market and pick up a bag of “Smoked Cattle” flavored kitty treats. Yum!